Technology R&D
Technology R&D

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Research Institute
Jingbo Agrochem Agricultural Innovation Center is mainly engaged in the research and development of technical and formulation products, cooperating with well-known universities and research institutes such as the Plant Protection Institute of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Tianjin University, Xian Jiaotong University, Lanzhou University, Zhejiang University, etc.
The Agricultural Innovation Center included a product optimization research room, analytical technology research room, functional product research room, biotechnology research room, applied technology research room, and chemistry and engineering research room, has established a modern agricultural technology innovation and service platform that integrates R&D, pilot, efficacy, compound creation, frontier exploration, engineering and industrialization, creating a new generation of green and efficient plant immuno-optimal antibiotic and other excellent products that are sourced from natural products, meeting the needs of people's lives and health.
Achievements in Scientific Research
Jingbo Agrochem has won multiple honors, including National High-tech Enterprise, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, and Shandong Province Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise. We have more than 100 effective invention patents, and won multiple scientific and technological progress awards, provincial patent awards, and other scientific and technological or patent awards. Among them, the "Green Synthesis New Process of Fungicide Kresoxim-methyl" won the second prize of the 12th China Pesticide Industry Association Pesticide Innovation Contribution Award Technology Innovation Award, the "Synthesis Process of Broad-spectrum and Efficient Insecticide Indoxacarb" won the first prize of the 13th China Pesticide Industry Association Pesticide Innovation Contribution Award Technology Innovation Award and the third prize of the Shandong Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award, the "Preparation of S- isomer Indoxacarb" won the third prize of the Shandong Provincial Patent Award in 2022.
Innovation Platform
Jingbo Agrochem has established national enterprise technology centers, postdoctoral research workstations, Shandong Province's pollution-free new pesticide engineering technology, and Shandong Province's engineering research center for plant immunity and green prevention and control.